This page provides documentation for the Incremental Game Engine JS (title and 'engine' works-in-progress!)

Simply select the object on the left you wish to learn about.

What can you do with it so far?

1. Create a very simple clicker/incremental game in minutes using the pre-defined score variable and setting an HTML element with the id of 'clicker' and calling game.init()!

2. Use the library to maintain sets of 'entities' - objects with unique identifiers and attributes, and access these objects and sets in meaningful ways!

3. Track/Untrack any attributes in an HTML element (and optionally parse the value through a function to display it how you want to) that are a part of the 'attributes' array in Game, EntitySet, and Entity objects (and any other that inherits Common).

4. Bind/Unbind a click event on any HTML element to a function that can be executed!

5. Run games in background tabs by leveraging Game.play()

6. Display typical '+X...' type particle-text on the mouse for your clicker game

7. Flag/track events using Flags to observe any major milestones/events/progress changes!

And much more! The more you get used to it and the more you understand how the different functions work, you will be able to come up with more creative uses for things. If you feel something can be done in a more efficient or programmer-friendly way, please do point it out!

What else is coming?

1. Supplementing Trackers using Timers -> Additional (optional) parameter to all tracker functions that will execute a function if a certain value is reached.

2. Saving/Loading - attempted earlier but ran into unexpected trouble. Will reattempt soon.

3. UI (User Interface) and other related helper functions to help streamline creation of dynamic page elements.

And more!